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The 21st century is witnessing the new Digital Revolution like ever before, be part of it, embrace and live it to the fullest! Wazabit enables our partners to go beyond the simple web development and gives them the opportunity to live their Digital dream and be ahead of the game.

Our Services

IT Counseling

Information technology is a living creature, it needs care, nurturing, and dedication. Our counseling service goes beyond the mere consulting support, we listen to our customers aspirations and turn their ideas into digital artifacts. Wazabit has been working alongside professionals and companies for over 20 years. Not only we support and assist you in the day-to-day routine, but we design and manufacture high-tech solutions to simplify and expand your company’s business. 

Share your ideas and we’ll digitalize them!!


UX is King!! No matter what device is used, no matter which technology it was developed with, what matters the absolute most is the user experience. A satisfied user is a user, an unsatisfied user turns into a “hater”.

Each of our products is so well designed that it fits perfectly on any device, displaying scalable structures that allows engaging browsing experiences regardless of the user’s hardware.

Our Web Development Team offers tailor-made solutions to best display your website among the thousand competitors out there in the digital jungle. We are passionate about frontend and backend integration, product management and innovative platforms delivery. It’s our bread and butter!

Wazabit develops Android and iOS native or Hybrid Mobile App extremely user-friendly and customized to your target group and in line with your product development strategy.

Digital Marketing Solutions

A website without traffic is just an empty shell doomed to be forgotten like it never existed. On the other hand a website with the proper traffic flowing in consistently can boost a business to new peaks. Wazabit partners with you to identify your target market by making your site more visible through our cutting-edge digital marketing services.

Data Management

“War is 90% information” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Data and its management have changed the course of History, now more than ever Big Data storage and flow are a crucial part of every company´s success. Wazabit has a long tradition of offering scalable hosting and housing solutions for all needs, from small to large companies we deliver the right solution that will fulfill your needs. 

Video, Animation, 2D and 3D, AR/VR/XR

Years of experience in the field of web and editorial graphics, supported by a team of professionals made up of illustrators, photographers, video-makers, animators, and 3D modelers allows us to be able to create a customized product for our customers.

Augmented reality (AR) has seen a significant uptick in commercial support from big tech names in recent years. It is projected that over 100 million consumers will actively shop online using AR by 2025. The number of AR-enabled devices is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2024.

Wazabit has been among the first ones to launch AR product on the web and it can be your best-in-class partner to support your forward-thinking ideas, the future is undoubtedly now!

Training Courses

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

Wazabit courses are aimed at both individuals and companies or public administrations seeking to increase IT skills or to optimize production processes. The courses can be both individual or on groups and the programs are established each time according to the specific needs of the client, in addition each student will be an acting part of the learning process.


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